Have you always dreamt of becoming a superhero? We got you. Maybe it’s impossible to really be one, but we like to help you to come as close as you possibly can and that’s why we’ve designed these superhero suits. They will make you feel like you’re walking right out of your favorite comic book or movie as a real Marvel or DC crime fighter.

Official licensed Superhero suits
Our official Marvel suits and DC suits costumes are based on the most iconic characters from the comics and movies, so you’ll have the opportunity to dress as your favorite hero but also as a villain if you’d rather be the bad guy. Due to the stylish fit, these superhero suits are great for many occasions. Whether you’re going to Comic-Con, a theme party or Halloween, this is your go-to outfit. And let’s be honest: why wouldn’t you dress like a stylish hero while you can?

BTW, if you’re looking to dress up as a group, these costumes are all you need. Many superheroes work in teams, such as the Avengers and Justice League, so with these suits you can protect the public together! Or dress up like a fighting duo, like Batman and The Joker. You’ll definitely be the life of any party.