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Wearing one of these ugly Christmas sweater suits will definitely make you the shining star of Christmas. Also, don’t be surprised if Santa gives you extra presents because he likes your Christmas suit so much. We at OppoSuits have taken the Christmas clothing game to a whole new level with this collection of ugly Christmas sweater suits. It’s the most wonderful time of the year where we could all use a little more fun in our formal wear — and what’s more fun than a Christmas suit?

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year
You’ve made your list, checked it twice and it seems like you’ve got everything prepared for your Christmas party. The tree is decorated, the stockings are hung, the fire is roaring, and your guests should be arriving in t-minus 23 minutes. You fall back on the couch, kick your legs up on the coffee table and realize, I’m still wearing my unicorn pajamas! First, why do you own unicorn pajamas? Second, you’ll avoid a wardrobe malfunction in one of our Christmas suits. This suit is the entire package, or present, if you will. So, run upstairs, slip into the chicest ugly Christmas sweater suit in existence and go greet your guests in style.

Goodbye Christmas Sweater, Hello Christmas Suit!

Christmas is all about getting into the spirit of the holidays, eating good food, and enjoying time with your family. And that’s all great, it really is. But let’s think about the Christmas aesthetic for a second. It’s all about twinkling lights, warm colors, falling snow outside the windows, some hot cocoa by the fire. And then there’s you, looking austere and stuffy in your business suit. If it weren’t for you constantly tugging at your tie we would think you had strangled yourself standing up. The only thing that says ugly Christmas sweater about you right now is your expression because it’s ugly!

So, find yourself a comfortable alternative to a stuffy suit with our men’s Christmas suits line. The green and red colors say Christmas lover, the festive prints channel holiday spirit, and the striking silhouette exudes sophisticated Santa. And let us be the first to say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to be sophisticated Santa in a snazzy Christmas suit. With these prints and designs, you’ll not only be the most memorable host, but you’ll be at the top of your Christmas game dunking cookies in milk, wrapping presents, putting coal in stockings, sliding down chimneys, and throw the best damn Christmas party of the season.

OppoSuits favorite Christmas Suits

Let’s highlight some of our favorite men’s Christmas suits:

The Rudolph: You want to put a chic spin on a classic Christmas outfit with an ugly Christmas sweater suit. But let’s not offend your grandma because she’s been religiously knitting you Christmas sweaters since you were seven years old. Too bad she only knows how to knit solid colors, so the front of every sweater is blue and the back is white… and then you had to explain to her that you don’t celebrate Hanukkah. Skip the hassle of holiday color mix-ups with The Rudolph, a classy, ugly Christmas suit.

Festive Force: If you just started singing the Star Wars theme in your head, you’re on the right track, because a Star Wars Christmas is what Festive Force is about. We’re not telling you to go all out, but go ahead and wear the suit, hum the jingles, maybe even buy presents with a Star Wars theme. No matter how you dress it up, this men’s Christmas suit will put a festive spin on your cinema favorites.