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OppoSuits Deluxe is a line of high-quality blazers that allows you to stand out and express yourself in a sophisticated way. It includes 17 unique pieces across 6 timeless themes: Christmas, Outer Space, Uniform, Supportswear, Retro and Tropical.

  1. Men
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Grey
  5. Multicolour
  6. Pink
  7. Red
  8. White
  9. Yellow
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  1. Men 21
Blazer collection:
  1. Opposuits Deluxe 21
Size Men's Suit:
  1. EU46 / UK36 / US36 21
  2. EU48 / UK38 / US38 21
  3. EU50 / UK40 / US40 21
  4. EU52 / UK42 / US42 21
  5. EU54 / UK44 / US44 21
  6. EU56 / UK46 / US46 21
  7. EU58 / UK48 / US48 21
  8. EU60 / UK50 / US50 21
  9. EU62 / UK52 / US52 21
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Classic with a twist
OppoSuits Deluxe blazers are classic with a twist, which makes them great to wear for special occasions, like weddings and national holidays, as well as day-to-day life. Some styles are eye-catching in subtle yet sensational elements, whereas others are real statement pieces. But whether the blazer is bolder or subtler, every item provides you with a flash of distinction and a sophisticated look.

It’s all in the details
The premium collection offers a modern fit and high-quality fabrics as well as numerous details in print, lining and applications, tying in with the blazer’s theme.

The navy-blue Captain blazer for example, features a pinstripe that is actually a Morse code, the comfortable Sports Jersey features a lining with traditional American fast food print, and the denim Bolt blazer helps you to flawlessly dance the Macarena on every party thanks to the step by step instructions on the inside label.

Free blazer bag
To keep your OppoSuits Deluxe blazer wrinkle free and fresh, and to easily transport it, we offer a handy and stylish bag that comes with the blazer for free.