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As pioneers of the crazy suit industry, we can attest that not every occasion calls for an entire suite, jacket, pants, and tie. You wouldn’t, for example, wear an entire suit to walk your dog, or cat, or pet turtle named Fred, now would you? And truly speaking, while the world is ripe for the opportunity to make a statement in an entire suit devoted to Christmas, the world is even more full of opportunity to debut one of OppoSuit’s very fun, very festive Christmas suit jackets. Don’t let the name fool you, these men’s Christmas blazers are just as festive as our iconic suits but get this: you can wear your own pants, or no pants, whatever you’d like!

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The push for just Christmas jackets stems from needing a more casual approach to your office Christmas party, or family’s holiday dinner party. You have the freedom to wear what you want, whether it’s jeans and a button-down, or shorts and a t-shirt, all encompassed by the most festive thing on the market since Disney auctioned off Tim Allen’s Santa Suit from The Santa Clause. These high-quality premium men’s Christmas blazers were constructed with the customer in mind. The design, fabric, and patterns of each Christmas jacket was brainstormed, fabricated, and fitted so that you’ll look your best and feel your best when you get a little extra festive with the holiday. From red and green themes to happy little snowmen, theses Christmas suit jackets are the perfect addition to your regular holiday ensemble. If you usually fish out that ugly Christmas sweater from the back of your draw then, by all means, double the festivities when you combine your favorite Christmas sweater with your new favorite Christmas jacket.

When it comes to holiday fashion, you shouldn’t limit yourself if a crazy suit is too extreme for the occasion. When you slip into one of our men’s Christmas blazers, you’ll understand what it means to truly embrace Christmas, like a warm hug only a nicely fitted suit jacket can provide. Whether you show up to your holiday Christmas party in “The Rudolpf” or make a splash at your family’s holiday dinner in the “Happy Holidude,” surprise your friends, your family, and yourself when you add a layer of ultimate festivity to this holiday season with one of OppoSuit’s men’s Christmas jackets.