At OppoSuits we’re pioneering a new line of crazy attire with our collection of men’s blazers. So never forget your outfit's metaphorical gift wrapping again with these crazy designs!

As masters and originators of the crazy suit trend, we knew it was important to give customers another option when it came to spicing up their wardrobe. As much as we tried to fight it, we had to come to terms that not every occasion calls for an over the top three-piece suit, sometimes it just calls for part of the three-piece, and that’s where the line of OppoSuit’s blazers were born. We love the idea of funky prints and festive designs, so why not put all of that fun goodness into a simple jacket for our customers to flaunt whether they’re at a corporate event or their mother’s dinner table. Every aspect from detail, design, and fit was taken into deep consideration to produce the perfect product for those of you looking for something over the top, but not too over the top. Think of wearing one of our blazers for men as dipping your toe in the water to test it out. We can guarantee you’ll be coming back for more to get the matching pants and tie to complete your fun and formal look.

To prove to you the versatility out line of blazers brings to your wardrobe, we’ve put together a list of all the places you could potentially wear it to:

  1. A first date: Nothing says getting to know someone quite like wearing your heart on your sleeve, and if your heart is all about that Christmas spirit, you’ve got to wear one of our festive Christmas blazers.

  2. To walk your dog: If we’re going to go along with the theory that the street is your runway then you’d better be busting out one of our blazers for men when you do something as mundane as taking your dog for a walk!

  3. When your sister gives birth: nothing says making a first good impression by dressing to the nines, so if you want your new niece or nephew to really take a liking to you, get their attention with the crazy colors and designs of our blazers for men.