You’ve officially sworn of Christmas parties for life. Unfortunately, we know why: last year’s attempt was a disaster. You’re still trying to get over that bread pudding explosion, you relive the grab bag present fiasco ever night, not to mention your mortification when the entire tree collapsed and the Santa you hired arrived completely drunk. Your baby cousin cried for six weeks straight.

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Multicolour
  5. Red
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  1. Men 18
  2. Women 9
  3. Teen boys 5
  4. Boys 5
Size Boys Suit:
  1. EU 92-98 / 2Y 5
  2. EU 98-104 / 4Y 5
  3. EU110-116 / 6Y 5
  4. EU122-128 / 8Y 5
  5. EU134-140 / 10Y 5
  6. EU146-152 / 12Y 5
  7. EU158-164 / 14Y 5
  8. EU170-176 / 16Y 5
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Size Men's Suit:
  1. EU46 / UK36 / US36 18
  2. EU48 / UK38 / US38 18
  3. EU50 / UK40 / US40 18
  4. EU52 / UK42 / US42 18
  5. EU54 / UK44 / US44 18
  6. EU56 / UK46 / US46 18
  7. EU58 / UK48 / US48 18
  8. EU60 / UK50 / US50 18
  9. EU62 / UK52 / US52 18
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Size Women's Suit:
  1. EU34 / UK08 / US04 9
  2. EU36 / UK10 / US06 9
  3. EU38 / UK12 / US08 9
  4. EU40 / UK14 / US10 9
  5. EU42 / UK16 / US12 9
  6. EU44 / UK18 / US14 9
  7. EU46 / UK20 / US16 9
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Christmas party outfit is all you need

Alas, the most wonderful time of the year calls for a Christmas party and you’re ready to step up to the plate once more. You’re making your list, checking it twice, finding a new bread pudding recipe, and most important of all making sure you have the greatest Christmas party outfit a host could find.

Christmas party outfits are an exact science, especially when you’re hosting the soiree. You want the right amount of holiday cheer, the most festive design, and above all the perfect fit because we all know you’ll be on your feet the entire night. At OppoSuits, we design and craft each suit with the utmost amount of care to ensure that you look your best and feel your best when you receive one of these festive ensembles. We take special pride in our Christmas outfits for bringing some cheer to the season and adding a youthful spin on a holiday that lost its magic ever since you discovered your parents putting the presents under the tree themselves.

Finding the perfects Christmas Party Outfit is key

You know, scratch all that stuff about throwing a Christmas party. You’re through! Let someone else take the rein(deer)s this season, you just want to show up and enjoy. Yet the principles stay the same, you still need a poppin’ Christmas outfit, a killer present, and a laid-back attitude because this party is no longer your problem. So, go ahead, take a relaxing bath, or whatever it is you do, order a present from bed, and get yourself the perfect Christmas party outfit. You have a wide variety of options to choose from. Test out a throwback ugly Christmas sweater, a Star Wars themed print, or even a snow man design sure to be a crowd pleaser. But no matter what you decide, you’ll the perfect mix of fun and formal for an awesome holiday season.

Let’s highlight some of our favourite designs:
Quilty Pleasure: You want a suit that’s at once formal but also reminds you of your youth. Your childhood Christmases were all about sitting by the fire, warming up with a cup of cocoa, and getting the quilt that your grandma knitted for you. Feel the same comfort you did in that blanket as you do now in one of our crazy Christmas outfits. Starry Side: If our Festive Force suits is too over the top for you, go with something a little more understated but just as nerdy. We know you love the cross-over been your favourite movies and your favourite holiday, so may the force be with you this Christmas when you slip into this outrageous outfit. And who knows, maybe you’ll wear it to the next movie premiere.